About Us

CLEANORM has started its activities based in Istanbul in 2021.

We meet the needs of the food&beverages and pharmaceutical industries especially regarding filtration as well activated carbon together with our partners, each of whom is an expert in their own field in different parts of the World. We continue to work according to the different needs of these sectors together with our investigative spirit we have and according to these studies we have new product and collaboration plans for the future.

CLEANORM has formed its team by choosing members who love their job, adopt honesty as a principle and it takes as a goal to provide the most accurate, efficient and fast solutions to its customers with this team.

our vision is firstly to come a point which our high motivation deserves in turkey and then and then to take that motivation beyond the borders of Turkey.

Our mission is to provide the most efficient solutions with the right products according to the demands and problems of our customers and to maintain the relationships we have established for many years.